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Uncle Bills is a unique China
export business – a huge
warehouse with a large range
of variety products ready for
immediate shipment.

Everyday Essentials

Zero Lead time.

Stock is picked, packed and shipped within 7 days.

Our minimum order is 1 x 20ft container of which 400 products can be mixed for immediate shipment.

Christmas Range and Showroom

Traditional themes, new ideas and a Santa sleigh full of colour and brightness!

Our minimum order is 1 X 20ft container and mix up to 400 products.

Download our
NEW monthly release here!
small: 75mb

What else can you tell me?

Themed Packaging & Artwork

Text on packaging is tri-lingual: English, French and Spanish.

On most items the artwork has been commissioned by Uncle Bill's and is of high professional standard.

Product categories, such as stationery or DIY/hardware, are generally themed.

Consumer Testing and Labelling

All products have been subjected to quality validation.

Products requiring ASTM are marked on packaging.

Consumer warnings (eg "Not suitable for Children Under 3 years") have been included where needed.

Small Carton Packs

We use small carton sizes, averaging 0.024m3 (0.85ft3), for convenient, effective distribution.

Each 20ft container will average 1200 cartons and each 40ft container will average 2500 cartons.

Comprehensive Specifications

Price lists include a full specification for every product.

Bar Codes

All products are bar-coded using the 12 digit UCC system, which can be read by 13 digit EAN systems.

Price Lists

3 times each year Uncle Bill's issues a new price list.
January 1st, May 1st, September 1st.